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"I would like to confirm that we are extremely happy with the service provided and the quality of the finished product. Please pass on our thanks to the team. Yours sincerely, Rhona A. Meek. Rycroft, Longfield Hill, Longfield."

Morticed Post

Price From: £ poa
(Price is inclusive of VAT)

Category: Concrete
Item details:
We sell Mortised Posts in:

1200 c/board 6' - 1850 x 100 x 100
1500 c/board 7' - 2150 x 100 x 100
1800 c/board 8' - 2500 x 100 x 100
1800 c/board 9' - 2745 x 100 x 100

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"We are very, very pleased with the work carried out and with the attitude of the people involved. Always very polite and helpful. We hope that you will be able to carry out further work in the near future. Again our thanks and kindest regards, Pat and Sid Bassant. Aintree Close, Gravesend."